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Custom Wall Murals  & Decorative Art

A custom wall mural is an impressive focal point in any environment and can highlight a home, office or business with a distinctive style. Wall murals and portable murals (murals painted on canvas) are designed and customized to fit any space, specific art styles and colors.  Abstract paintings, colorful nature scenes, realistic renderings, cartoon illustrations, and more can be applied directly to almost any indoor or outdoor surface.  


I create mural paintings to grace your space and make your environment unique.  I design each painting specifically for your room to complement your taste, preferences, and décor selections. I work at a wide variety of settings, including professional office spaces, retail & service shops, schools, theatres, public outdoor areas as well as residential spaces such as living & dining room, nursery & game room, entryways, backyard, garage and more. 


Whether you have a vision for your custom wall mural or would like my creative expertise, contact me and I will create a design to suit you.  Call or email for a free consultation and schedule a mural painting in Henderson, NV and the surrounding areas. 

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